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Neuerscheinung des e-books „Coproduction of Knowledge in Climate Governance”


Das e-book „Coproduction of Knowledge in Climate Governance” erschienen bei Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, 2023 (Hrsg. Eva Julia Lohse und Margherita Poto) ist jetzt als Open Access Titel verfügbar.


Coproduction of knowledge (CoPK) brings together different knowledge constellations and knowledge bearers to develop a holistic comprehension of a complex problem like climate change. The e-book offers an overview from a mostly legal perspective of how CoPK is applied to research, education and practice to tackle complex problems, such as climate governance, through an inclusive and participatory approach. CoPK reconfigures the research focus from one that is inherently informed by traditional modes of scientific research to one that is informed by a collective and collaborative approach.

The e-book is divided into two parts: an analysis of CoPK as a methodological approach to research and education (Part I) and a map of case studies of jurisdictions in which CoPK is adopted to overcome inequalities or guarantee inclusive participation (Part II). This e-book is the result of an international and comparative strategic-scientific workshop organized at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

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